Terms and Conditions

APPOINTMENT AS Pradesh manavadhikar Sangathan MEMBER

Only the National President has the authority to appoint a person on any position, others can only refer or recommend to him and If the membership is not approved by the president of the Pradesh manavadhikar Sangathan, the reason for the refusal shall be communicated to the person / applicant concerned.
NOTE: The decision of the Chairman / National President shall be final and binding.


The admission fee and the subscription for all Unit Members shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the governing body of Pradesh manavadhikar Sangathan.

MEMBER’S POST | DESIGNATION IN THE Pradesh manavadhikar Sangathan

The Member of the Organisation will be appointed on the POST according to his qualification and capability to serve the Community. The members can get the Post in a Ward, Gram, Block,Tehsil, District, City, States, in all over India, as President / deputy president / mahamantri / mahasachiv / sachiv / sangathan mantri / sah sangathan mantri / vyavastha mantri / soochna mantri / prachar mantri / varishtha upadhyaksh / pravakta / pramukh maha sachiv / Chief Observer / Observer / Chief reporting Officer / Reporting Officer / Chief Co-ordinator / Co-ordinator / Executive President / Vice President / Chief Secretary / Joint Secretary / Human Welfare Sec. / Minority Welfare Sec. / Women Empowerment Sec. / Administrative Sec. / Information Secretary / Crime Monitoring Sec. / Vigilance Secretary / Organizing Secretary / Legal Advisor. It may be decided by the President. All the members / Wings shall have to report directly to the National President for various activities or any social & legal problems faced by local people.
NOTE: a) The term ‘MEMBER’ shall mean and include only that person whose name is entered in the membership register. Members shall not be entitled to claim any refund of membership fee or any other amount paid to Pradesh manavadhikar Sangathan and the Society shall not be liable to refund any such amount paid under any circumstances.
b) All new appointed members has responsibility to bring 5 members to join, as a member of the Organisation before completion of one month of joining.
c) All the Wings president / all levels of president has the responsibility to develop their units.


The governing body of the Pradesh manavadhikar Sangathan shall have the power to expel / terminate a member or / and members, from the membership of Pradesh manavadhikar Sangathan, on the following grounds;

  1. a) on his / her death:
    b) on written resignation
    c) if found to be involved in any anti-social activities
    d) if adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offender
    e) if member works against the aims and objects of the Pradesh manavadhikar Sangathan
    f) if failing to pay the up-to date membership subscription within one month of the due date
    g) if disregards rules and regulations or disobey the decisions of the governing body/National President
    NOTE:The decisions of the National President regarding the termination from the membership of the Organisation shall be communicated to the member concerned.

Terms and Conditions