We aspire to a human being in which human rights and fundamental freedoms are globally recognized and respected by all and where everyone has the right to defend these rights and freedoms without any fear of threats..

SHRO envisions shaping up of a healthy, happy and progressive society where every citizen’s lives with dignity and gets equal opportunities

SHRO envisions shaping is committed to empower the underprivileged section of our society by creating an enabling environment through Encouragement, Education and Employment so that citizens can harness their full potential and live happy and healthy lives with dignity and contribute positively to society. Sanstha envisions shaping is working towards shaping up a society which is sustainable for future generations by working on environment conservation and introducing values in society

Transparency: SHRO envisions shaping ensures complete transparency in all our efforts and workings with Internal as well as external stakeholders of organisation

Respect: SHRO envisions shaping ensures respect towards each individual and their views and feelings inside out the organisation despite its cast, creed, gender or color.

Integrity: SHRO envisions shaping works with integrity and ensures the dignity of all those involved in our endeavors. To comply with all laws, rules and regulations bestowed upon as part of an organisation.

Our Vision :- to protect and promote the human beings with the safe guards of human rights, so that the last person of the society can survive with dignity and respect.

Our Goals:

  • Empower Youth through encouragement, education and employment to build a strong and prosperous society
  • Work on various aspects impacting children to build an empowered future generation
  • Empowering Citizens to live with dignity and get equal rights for them in society
  • Creating a healthy, sustainable and Safe environment for citizens to live